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Private Lessons

Year-round, the World Arena offers one-on-one private lessons from some of the nation's top figure skating coaches. Our cadre of coaches have trained numerous National, World and Olympic level competitors. Please contact each coach directly for their schedule, and rates (which vary).


  Damon Allen, Freestyle/MIF/Choreography
PSA Rating: Certified (Free Skating)
PSA Ranking: Level V
Cellular: 719-332-0674

Renowned for his expertise in developing athletes from a grassroots level up to an international level, Damon has choreographed for Junior National medalists, junior and senior US medalists, as well as International and World Junior medalists. During his competitive years, Damon was the 1991 US Junior Champion, a 2-time World University Silver Medalist, a World Junior Bronze Medalist and the 1995 US Pewter Medalist. He is a USFS triple Gold Medalist in  Figures, Freestyle and Moves in the Field.
In addition to his teaching and competitive career, Damon has performed, directed and choreographed for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, under the direction of Bietak Productions, aboard the ships Voyager and Explorer of the Seas. He also performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. with The Next Ice Age alongside Dorothy Hamill. Damon has demonstrated and presented at the Professional Skaters Association's National and World conferences, and in 2011 he was nominated for Developmental Coach of the Year by the PSA. He currently holds a Level V ranking with the Professional Skaters Association.

Becky Bradley, Freestyle/MIF/Spins
PSA Rating: Registered
Cellular: 719-200-7489

Before starting her coaching career, Becky was a competitive skater training with Tom Zakrajsek from the Intermediate through Senior level, during which time she earned her Gold Medal in both Moves in the Field and Freestyle. Becky, who specialized in spins, began coaching in 1999 at the Colorado Springs World Arena with the Broadmoor Skating Club under the tutelage of Tom Zakrajsek and Becky Calvin. She has assisted taking skaters to Junior Nationals, North American Challenge competitions, Junior Grand Prix Finals, Senior Grand Prix events, US Nationals, and the World Championships. She most recently coached her brother, 2011 US National Senior Men’s Champion Ryan Bradley at the 2011 US Championships and World Championships. In 2004, Becky received a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

Becky Calvin, Freestyle/MIF/Choreography
PSA Rating: Master (Free Skating/Figures/MIF)
PSA Ranking: Level VI
Office: 719-477-2197 ext. 8221#

Becky is a PSA triple-Master Rated coach in Figures, Freestyle and Moves in the Field as well as a USFS triple-Gold Medalist in Figures, Freestyle and Dance. She has been coaching with the Broadmoor Skating Club since graduating from college, and has choreographed for the Broadmoor Ice Revues, Christmas Pops On Ice, and has coached many National, World and International athletes. Some of her students include Rachael Flatt, Ryan Bradley, Jeremy Abbott, Brandon Mroz and Alexe Gilles to name a few.  In 2014, Becky made her Olympic Games debut taking Paul Parkinson from Italy to Sochi. Becky's background includes being trained by Carlo Fassi, Gustave Lussi and Howard Nicholson during her competitive years.  She teaches Freestyle (jumps & spins), Choreography and Moves in the Field.  She choreographed the Novice programs and Junior Short Program for Rachael Flatt during the years Rachael was first and second respectively at the US National Championships. Becky graduated with a BFA degree in Dance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.
  Janet Champion, Freestyle/MIF/Spins
PSA Rating: Master (Free Skating/Figures/MIF)
PSA Ranking: Level V
Cellular: 719-331-6713

Janet passion for figure skating has not wavered since her first steps on ice at the age of 5. Janet’s skating career was truly unique, performing before thousands of people as a child star with the Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies, and as an adult with Holiday on Ice. Along with figure skating, Janet was trained in classical Ballet, Acrobatics and Jazz dancing. Janet’s career as an ice show star transferred invaluably to her coaching career. She has trained skaters from Learn-to-Skate classes to medalists at US National, International and Junior World competitions. In addition, Janet’s work with spins has garnered her a reputation as a top Spin teacher, as she has been spin coach to several World and Olympic competitors.

Janet was elected to the PSA Board of governors four times and received the PSA Honorary Member and Lifetime Achievement award. She was highly instrumental in the PSA development of the Moves in the Field test structure as well as the recent revisions to Moves. Janet has Master PSA ratings in Figures, Free Skating, Moves in the Field and Group Instruction. She has taught seminars with John Nicks, Carlo Fassi, Kathy Casey and Frank Carroll and as a result of Janet’s early coaching success in California, she was invited to be a member of Carlo Fassi’s coaching team at the Broadmoor World Arena in 1987. Janet’s own career as a skating star along with her passion for figure skating and dedication to excellence has made her an asset to aspiring athletes of all levels. For her outstanding career in the sport, Janet was inducted into the PSA Coaches Hall of Fame in 2012.

Jack Courtney
Jack Courtney, Freestyle/Pairs/MIF
Arena Pro Shop Owner
PSA Rating: Master (Pairs/Choreography); Senior (Free Skating/Figures)
Home: 719-685-5393
Cellular: 719-331-8821
Pro Shop: 719-579-8541

Before moving into figure skating, Jack was the World Roller Figure Skating Champion in both Pairs and Men’s Singles. On ice, he was twice National Senior Pairs Bronze Medalist and 1st alternate to the 1972 and 1976 Olympic and World Teams. His competitive and show skating careers included tours of North and South America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. He co-starred in two Broadway shows and also produced a touring Roller Skating Show.

When Jack transitioned to coaching, he began coaching full time at the World Arena and other rinks along the Front Range of Colorado, teaching Pairs, Freestyle, Choreography, and Moves in the Field to hundreds of competitors of all level as well as recreational skaters. Having a passion for skating equipment and sharpening, Jack opened Jack’s Arena Pro Shop at the World Arena Ice Hall in 1999. In addition to meeting the needs of skaters for skate sharpening, boots, blades and accessories, in 2003, Jack added an Espresso Cafe’ and has been working ‘The Shop’ full time meeting the needs of the World Arena’s resident skaters and skaters who visit the World Arena from all parts of the world. He is the Official Sharpener for figure skating events at World Arena.
Tom Dickson
Tom Dickson, Choreography/Skating Skills
Office: 719-477-2197 ext. 8231#
Home: 719-633-8910 (No Calls after 6 pm)
Cellular: 719-310-6493

Tom began his skating career in Southern California at age 8. After winning several regional and sectional events he moved to Colorado Springs and went on to win the US Junior title. After a gold medal performance at West Germany's Nebelhorn Trophy and a 5th-place finish at the US Senior Nationals, Tom turned professional and signed a contract to star in Ice Capades for eight years along with his future wife, Swedish Champion Catarina Lindgren.

It was early in his touring that Tom began his choreography career. One of his first assignments was for Chen Lu of China, where Tom's programs earned her a Bronze Medal at the World Championships. In the following years, Tom performed with legendary ice dancers Torvill & Dean in a world tour. Returning home, he further honed his choreographic skills and technique of skating--the result of his study produced works for skaters such as Matt Savoie, Yukina Ota, Yuna Kim, Jeremy Abbot as well as Russian stars Artur Gachinski and Liza Tuktamisheva. The programs Tom created for these skaters earned him five “Choeographer of the Year” awards from the PSA and US Figure Skating. Tom has also choreographed for ice dancing champions Maia and Alex Shibutani., and has recently had success with Japanese Junior Champion Satoko Miyahara.

Tom believes that studying dance and movement along with mastering the art and language of skating is essential for producing world-class choreography. Tom’s mastery of the compulsory figures, now extinct in the sport, provided him with essential skills as a choreographer that he uses and demands from his skaters on a daily basis.
Elena Dostani
Elena Dostatni, Ice Dancing/Choreography/MIF/Off-Ice Conditioning/Stretching/Posture/Ballet
Cellular: 208-760-0129

Before starting her coaching career in Russia, Elena had a successful competitive Ice Dancing career during which she was a Russian National Team Member from 1999-2002. She was the Russian Junior National Ice Dancing Gold Medalist in 2002, while capturing the Silver Medal in 2001 and Bronze Medal in 2000. She competed at the World Junior Championships three times, and was Ice Dancing Silver Medalist in 2002 and Bronze Medalist in 2001. Elena was a Gold Medalist at an impressive six Junior Grand Prix events, including the 2001 Junior Grand Prix Final. She also took home the Silver Medal at the 2000 Junior Grand Prix Final.

Before her coaching career began, Elena performed internationally with such shows as Nutcracker on Ice and Sensation on Ice in England, New Zealand and Australia. After coaching in Russia, Elena moved to the United States and worked with programs in Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan and Idaho before coming to the World Arena in 2011 to lead the facility’s Ice Dancing program. Elena brings ten years of experience teaching Ice Dancing, Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Choreography, Ballet, Modern Dance and off-ice training.
Andrezej Dostani
Andrzej Dostatni, Ice Dancing/Choreography/Stroking (limited availability)
Cellular: 617-803-3908

Andrzej Dostatni was the first ISU Technical Specialist in Ice Dancing when new ISU Judging System was created and has served as an official at many events including the European Championships, three Grand Prix Finals, five World Championships and the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

During his competitive career, Andrzej was a six-time Polish National Champion in Ice Dancing, and competed in multiple European Championships as well as five World Championships. He also represented Poland in Ice Dancing during the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary. Before becoming an ISU Technical Specialist in 2003, Andrzej was a principle skater for Walt Disney’s World on Ice as well as the Sun Valley Ice Show. Andrzej brings 20 years of teaching experience to the World Arena and has choreographed Ice Dancing programs, Ice Shows and exhibitions, as well as serving as Director for the Sun Valley Ice Show.
Rich Griffin
Rich Griffin, Ice Dancing/MIF
PSA Rating: Master (Free Dance/Dance)
Home: 719-634-0938
Cell:  719-339-7255

Rich has 33 years of coaching experience and is a PSA Master Rated Coach in Dance and Free Dance. Specializing in coaching Dance, Moves in the Field, and Stroking, he has coached US National, Sectional, and Regional medalists.

In his competitive career, Rich was a USFS Double Gold Medalist in Dance and Free Dance as well as a US National Junior Dance Silver Medalist, and Pacific Coast Sectional and Regional Junior Dance Champion. Rich has a BS degree in Public Administration and owns and operates Colorado Skate Tech, Inc., where he has more than 35 years experience sharpening skates for numerous past and current World and National champions.

 Larry Ibarra Laureano Ibarra, Pairs/Freestyle

During his competitive career, Laureano was a Senior Grand Prix, Junior World and U.S. Nationals competitor. Transitioning to coaching, Laureano has been coaching with Dalilah Sappenfield for the past 6 years during which time together they have coached multiple National champions and International medalists. In addition to on-ice instruction, Laureano is also a certified instructor for Strength and Conditioning as well as Sports Yoga.

Ryan Jahnke
Ryan Jahnke, Freestyle/MIF/Choreography
PSA Rating: Master (Free Skating/MIF)
Cellular: 719-210-5517

Ryan's mission as a coach is to instill greatness and search for excellence every day in every skater.  He seeks to maximize each skater's God-given abilities with whatever resources are available in this pursuit. He wants the skaters he works with to be champions in sport and in life.  

Ryan began coaching during his successful competitive skating career where he spent 10 years on the U.S. Figure Skating Team and placed at the U.S. National Championships 7 times.  He now holds a Professional Skaters Association Master Rating in both Freestyle and Moves in the Field.  Besides those two specialties, Ryan also works extensively to choreograph programs and develop skating skills. He has had students medal at Junior Nationals as well as compete at the U.S. National Championships.
Natalya Khazova
Natalya Khazova, Freestyle/MIF/Choreography/Ballet/Stretch
Cellular: 719-641-8420

Natalya is a US National and International coach and choreographer as well as a former Russian National and International competitor. Her background includes working with the St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet Company for 5 years and performing the principle roles in Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and the Nutcracker (among other productions) during world tours.

She earned her Master’s degree in Coaching Figure Skating at the Russian State University of Physical Education and Sport in Moscow, from which she graduated with Honors in 1990. Her qualifications and background coupled with her 27 years of coaching experience in all disciplines of figure skating have enhanced many National, World and Olympic competitors’ training programs. Natalya offers a complete package for off the ice and on the ice training to achieve best results in championship skating. She is a PSA and US Figure Skating member, and has been coaching at the World Arena for the past 15 years.
Christy Krall
Christine H. Krall, Freestyle/MIF
PSA Rating: Master (Free Skating/Figures/MIF)
Cellular: 719-930-6485

A World and Olympic Team Member and World and Olympic Team Coach, Christy began her coaching career at the Broadmoor World Arena and coached for 26 years prior to accepting a full-time position with US Figure Skating as Senior Director of Athlete Programs in 1996. In that role, Christy was responsible for coordinating and supervising all activities related to the development and advancement of programs, seminars and camps that promoted the High Performance Plan for figure skating athletes and coaches. Prior to working for US Figure Skating, Christy chaired the Moves in the Field development for the Professional Skaters Association from 1991-1995 and served on the PSA Board of Directors as National Education Director and 2nd Vice President.

After retiring from US Figure Skating in 2002, Christy returned to coaching, utilizing the software developed by DartFish. Christy has attended three Olympic games and has uniquely participated in three different capacities: 1964 as an athlete in Innsbruck, Austria; 2002 as a USA Team Leader in Salt Lake City, UT; and 2010 as a Canadian Coach in Vancouver, Canada. Currently she consults many athletes and trains 2012 US Figure Skating Ladies Bronze Medalist, Agnes Zawadzki, 2012 US Figure Skating Pewter Medalist, Armin Mahbanoozadeh, and 2012 Jr. World Silver Medalist, Josh Farris. Christy was also the head coach for Patrick Chan during his Gold Medal performances at the 2011 and 2012 World Championships.

A Master Rated Coach with the Professional Skaters Association in Free Skating, Figures and Moves in the Field, Christy travels the world conducting figure skating seminars for athletes and coaches at all levels of development. She was awarded the PSA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001, and was the recipient of the Professional Skater’s Association Sports Science Award in 2008, 2011 and 2013. She was named the Professional Skaters' Association 2013 Coach of the Year. Also, in 2008 and 2011, Christy was awarded the US Olympic Committee Sports Science Award for Figure Skating.

Cheryl Laird-Wilde, Freestyle/MIF/Spins/Off-Ice Jump Training/On-Ice Ballet Techniques
PSA Rating: Registered (Free Skating)
PSA Ranking: Level III
Cellular: 719-579-0236

Cheryl has been coaching since 1986, and has spent the last 11 years at the World Arena. A past Learn-to-Skate Coordinator at the World Arena Ice Hall, she has trained students from the Learn-to-Skate classes to Junior National level, including Lukas Kaugars.
Cheryl coaches all levels and ages in Freestyle, jumps, spins, Moves in the Field, off-ice conditioning, off-ice jump and spin training.
She holds a PSA Registered Rating in Freestyle, and a PSA Level lll ranking. 
Catarina Lindgren
Catarina Lindgren, Choreography/Skating Skills
Home: 719-633-8910 (No calls after 6pm)
Cellular: 719-201-9379

As well as being a US National, International, World and Olympic choreographer, Catarina was a four-time Swedish Champion, and a World and Olympic competitor during her competitive skating career. After her amateur career, she was a starring performer in Ice Capades for 8 years before becoming a principal skater with the Torvill & Dean Tour, in TV-specials, stage shows and various shows across the world.

After a 10 year professional career, Catarina started coaching, specializing in Choreography. She and her husband Tom Dickson choreographed the Disney On Ice Princess Classics show, and Catarina has gone on to created competitive programs for US National Champions Ryan Bradley and Jeremy Abbott, as well as Korea’s Yuna Kim. Also on her roster are 4 Junior World Champions and champions from across Europe and Asia.

Catarina bases her skating technique on her extensive studies of school figures as a competitor and combines it with her theatrical intuition gained from years of experience as a professional performer.
Dalliah Sappenfeld
Dalilah Sappenfield, Pairs/Freestyle/MIF
PSA Rating: Basic Accreditation
PSA Ranking: Level VI
Cellular: 303-885-2303 (primary contact)

Dalilah has been coaching Pairs for 16 years and for the last 11 years has been a Team USA National Coach. She is the coach of the current US National Champions in Pairs, Alexa Scimeca and Christopher Knierim. In 2007, she coached the team of Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker who won every Junior Pairs event that season, including the Junior Grand Prix Final, US Nationals, and World Junior Championship. In 2008 she led the team of McLaughlin and Brubaker to the US Nationals Senior Championship, making them the first team in 50 years to win the US National Championships at the Junior level and Senior level in consecutive years. Also in 2008, Dalilah became the first US Pairs coach in history to have teams win at the US Nationals in all three levels – Novice, Junior and Senior - in the same year. For her efforts, Dalilah was named the Professional Skaters' Association 2008 Coach of the Year.

Dalilah has coached the US National Pairs Champions at the Senior level five times since 2008 (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015), and has coached teams at 10 Junior World Championships and 4 World Championships. Her student John Coughlin was the 1st male pair skater to win back-to-back US National Championship at the Senior level (2011 and 2012) with 2 different partners. At the 2012 US National Championships, Dalilah was the 1st Pairs to coach to have the top 3 medalists at the Junior level.  

In her career thus far, her teams have amassed an impressive roster of US Pairs Championships having won 4 Novice titles, 6 Junior titles, and 5 Senior titles. At the International level, she has had medalists in both Junior and Senior Grand Prix events as well as the 2007 Junior World champion.
Erik Schulz
Erik Schulz, Pairs/Freestyle/MIF/Pole Harness
PSA Rating: Registered (Free Skating/Pairs)
PSA Ranking: Level V
Cellular: 719-930-8035

Erik is a widely respected jump coach, who specializes in pole-harness jump technique. Erik has assisted in coaching many National, International, World and Olympic level athletes and is passionate about teaching. He strives to ensure his skaters develop into the athletes they want to be. In addition to his on-ice coaching achievements, Erik has presented at Professional Skaters Association annual conferences, and has served on the Board of Directors of the Broadmoor Skating Club. He is also the owner of FigureSkating360.com, a figure skating social networking site. When Erik is not at the rink, you will find him with his three sons, Rylan, Deckard, and Kollier, playing golf, swimming, camping or enjoying just about any other outdoor activity.
  Eddie Shipstad, Freestyle/MIF/Pole Harness
PSA Rating: Master (Free Skating)
PSA Ranking: Level V
Cell: 303-947-6113

Eddie trained at the Broadmoor World Arena and competed for the Broadmoor Skating Club for most of his career under world renowned coaches Christy Krall, Barbara Roles, Diane Miller, Rubin Huron, Carlo Fassi, and Christy Fassi.  He was a five-time US National Competitor and US Nationals Novice Silver Medalist.  He also won the United States Collegiate Championships as a Senior competitor. Eddie is a US Figure Skating double Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle, as well as a PSA Master Rated coach and a former board member of the Professional Skaters Association. He has taught at the World Championships, Junior World Championships, US National Championships, and many Senior and Junior Grand Prix Events.  Eddie also specializes in the portable jumping harness and has has worked with skaters from 13 countries including multiple US National Champions, Olympians, and World competitors including the current World Champion Patrick Chan.  Eddie also has his Level V ranking with the Professional Skaters’ Association.      

After Eddie’s competitive career, he toured as a principal skater with Disney’s World on Ice in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.  He was the Director of Figure Skating at the University of Denver from 1999-2004 where he directed the number one youth training skating camp in the country for four years as well as directing many successful shows featuring world champions Todd Eldredge and Kurt Browning. 

Eddie’s grandfather started the first-ever traveling ice show, the Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies in 1936.  Eddie is continuing his family’s tradition of ice show production by owning Shipstad Entertainment, an ice show company that specializes in corporate events, holiday shows, and stationary productions that have performed in the United States and Mexico including recently at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. 
Irina Vorobieva
Irina Vorobieva, Pairs/Freestyle/Choreography/Off-Ice
PSA Ranking: Level VI
Cell: 719-337-6159
Home: 719-540-3877

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Irina was one child to be selected out of hundreds for training as a future Olympian. Before becoming a Pairs skater, Irina enjoyed success as a Freestyle skater, making the Russian National team at the age of 12. She trained with Igor Moskvin placing in Russian National and International competitions. After starting her career as a Pairs skater, Irina became the first World Pairs Champion of coach Tamara Moskvina. With her pairs partners, Irina won the Russian National Championship in 1976 and 1980, the European Championship in 1981, the World Championship 1981. She also placed 4th in the 1976 Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria.

Irina holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Culture and Sports Science from Lesgaft University of St. Petersburg. She was trained in Ballet and Choreography by masters of the famous Kirov Ballet at the Vaganova school in St. Petersburg. After her amateur career, Irina competed in Professional competitions and performed with Russian All Stars, Bolshoi on Ice and Tom Collins’ Champions on Ice.

Irina started coaching World-level skaters with the legendary Pair coach Tamara Moskvina. Irina’s experience in competition preparation and conditioning of athletes will allow her students to grow in confidence and skating ability from the beginning of their skating to their highest competitive achievements.

In 1993, Irina was invited to coach at the Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs. Two years later she successfully guided her first American pairs team to win International competitions and place 10th at the World Championships. Irina teaches quality Russian technique and artistic skills necessary for the new judging system. She holds a PSA Level VI Ranking.
Tom Zakrajsek
Tom Zakrajsek, Freestyle/Off-Ice Jump Training
PSA Rating: Master (Free Skating); Certified (Pairs)
PSA Ranking: Level VII
Cellular: 719-491-9050

Zakrajsek (pronounced Za-cry-sheck) has been coaching figure skating since 1990. He is PSA Master-rated in Freestyle with a Level VII ranking. He has coached numerous Regional, Sectional, National and International champions, including Max Aaron, Joshua Farris, Alexe Gilles, Ann Patrice McDonough, Marissa Secundy and Agnes Zawadzki. Additionally, he developed Jeremy Abbott, Ryan Bradley and Rachael Flatt, from the beginning levels of skating all the way to their National titles and the World Team; and with Flatt, the Olympic Games. His primary emphasis in coaching is jump technique and training his athletes for competition performance. He has taught triple axels and quadruple jumps to more different male skaters who have performed them in competition than any other coach in the United States. In addition, Tom taught quadruples to Brandon Mroz, the first and only man to ever land a quadruple lutz in ISU competition and Max Aaron, only the second American man to ever perform a quadruple salchow in competition.

Tom has coached at least two different national medalists in 14 out of the last 17 US Nationals. He has also coached 4 US Senior Champions (Abbott-2009, Flatt-2010, Bradley-2011, Aaron-2013).

At five different US Nationals he has coached two or more of the singles champions. He has coached at least one US National Champion at each level: Novice Men, Novice Ladies, Junior Men, Junior Ladies, Senior Men and Senior Ladies. His World Team members include Max Aaron, Jeremy Abbott, Ryan Bradley, Rachael Flatt, Brandon Mroz and Paul Parkinson, and he counts two World Junior Ladies Champions, Rachael Flatt and Ann Patrice McDonough. In 2009, he was named PSA Coach of the Year and in 1999 won the USFS Developmental Coach of the Year.

Tom holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and has served on the PSA board (9 years), USFS board (3 years) and has been a former board member of the Broadmoor Skating Club. His coaching philosophy emphasizes goal setting, hard work, discipline and the acquisition of life skills.
Drew Meekins

Drew Meekins, On & Off-ice Movement/Skating Skills/ Choreography/Freestyle/Pairs/MIF/
Cell: 617-699-7283

Drew has worked with skaters at the national, international and world level.

He specializes in teaching on and off-ice movement technique, choreography, skating skills and also has extensive experience in training jump technique, pair skating technique and training athletes for competitive performance. It is his mission to help develop and refine the multitude of life skills a skater can learn through hard work, discipline and goal setting, which can be applied to achieve success and happiness in one's career and personal life.

During his competitive career, Meekins was a member of Team USA for 5 years and is the 2006 World Junior Pairs Champion, 2004 National Novice Pairs Champion, and Senior Grand Prix competitor. Meekins is also a US Figure Skating triple-gold medalist in freestyle, pairs and moves in the field.

Meekins has always studied dance closely and following his competitive career studied modern dance, dance composition and dance history academically, as well as with several dance companies in Colorado. He has performed as a professional dancer in multiple shows, including most recently with the Interweave Dance Theatre as part of the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop in Boulder, Colorado.

Meekins has the unique combination of being a world class figure skater and professional dancer, which has led him to the root of his passion in teaching—bridging the gap between dance and skating and truly translating off-ice movement to on-ice artistry and improvements in program component scores.

Sandy Straub
Sandy Straub, Freestyle/Video Analyst/Jump Coach/Hockey Power Skating
Cell: 714-402-6260

Before starting her coaching career Sandy was a 2005 National Junior Champion as well as a National and International competitor for 9 years. After her competitive career she toured as a principle skater for Disney on Ice.

Sandy is a USFS Double Gold Medalist and a DartFish Analyst for figure skaters as well as hockey players. She provides video analysis for jump specific technique for all ages and levels of figure skating. She also provides stride, transitions, and explosive skating technique for the hockey community.

The combination of her visual training tools and athletic experiences will enhance the athletes training to be most productive.

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